Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holidaze (copied from Facebook)

December 25, 2013 at 3:47am

Hey all! Yes, I'm up at 3 am Christmas morn, listening to a Pandora Christmas station while taking a break from homework with a hot toddy and Facebook. #NightShiftProbs

Things have been turning around in my mind this month, and I figured I'd give my mind a break and put them down here.
  • Jesus isn't white and NEITHER IS SANTA CLAUS. Megyn Kelly, take your White privilege and SIT ON IT. Ayyyy! *Fonzie voice from Happy Days* Jesus was a Semite, a JEWISH Semite from modern day Israel/Palestine. Everyone there is brown! Jesus was brown until Renaissance artists made Jesus look like them (like them = more White) and then missionaries and colonialists and slave owners and bigots took it further to use images of Jesus for propaganda to further their nefarious plans. If Renaissance artists made Jesus more White, couldn't everyone else make Jesus more racial and/or ethnic? Sure Megyn Kelly and Faux News, I'LL WAIT. Jesus is all about love and inclusion, so to portray Jesus a certain way for exclusive purposes is so disgusting nonsensical and ironic I can only shake my head. That’s why society hates Christians NOW. PS: Same goes for Santa Claus. Santa Claus gives gifts to all the kids. White kids, Black Kids, Latino Kids, Asian kids, ethnic kids, and non-ethnic kids, ALL GOOD KIDS, regardless of race. Megyn Kelly, have you REALLY seen Santa Claus? Are you sure you should be in a news room instead of a padded one at a mental institution?
  • Holidays for EVERYONE! I admit that I went in and totally trashed and annihilated the practice, celebration and premise of Kwanzaa a few years back. I humbly apologize and submit a request for a retraction. I realize now in retrospect that I was just plain annoyed at people who celebrate Kwanzaa without being informed and educated about its origins and its founder. These same goofies in kufis keep asking me, “Do you/your people/people in Africa (pick one) celebrate Kwanzaa?” NO. KWANZAA was designed for unity among AFRICAN AMERICANS using some themes from African cultures.
  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS, SARAH PALIN! I know you hate when people greet you that way, but excuse us for not giving a crap about what seasonal holiday you celebrate. I myself am too busy trying to avoid ANY mention of your name, your actions and what appears to be your intrinsic stupidity. I say Happy Holidays and/or Season’s Greetings to be inclusive and respect all beliefs and their holidays, which includes Hanukkah, Ramadan, Eid, Kwanzaa and December 25th (for the atheists). I don’t know if every person I meet celebrates Christmas. IN FACT, I know quite a few people who DON’T celebrate Christmas. I try to be inclusive and respectful, unlike you, who seems to not have an iota or empathy selflessness for those completely different? I mean what would Jesus do? What would Baby Jesus do?
That’s all I have to say! Happy Holidays, which includes a Merry Christmas! *shuffles off to eat Winter Edition Oreos*

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morn

Baby Jesus
I come to you
On this the day of your birth
To thank you
As your birth gives hope to many
You give hope to me
Even in the worst circumstances
You can put me right where I need to be
Just like a lit Christmas tree
I smile and enjoy Your light
Your festivity
Your nativity
This season
Is the reason we wrap gifts
Although I don't travel with Two Wise Women
I can appreciate you none the less
Even with below zero temperatures
Even with snow and ice
Merry Christmas

Commerical Break

If anyone is reading this out there, Happy Holidays! I am diligently pushing to publish book #2 while writing new verses for book #3. It's hard living life and wanting your written words to be presented just so. However, I didn't forget about my promise to people out there OR to myself. I will post it here FIRST.
Back to your regularly scheduled poetry.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

non factor

it's funny how
what you say
doesn't bother me
i don't care
lie lie lie
truth truth truth

it's amusing how
amusing you are to me
on a certain level
i can't even take you seriously
you don't even understand
how little you matter

it's not even worth it
to get angry
to get upset
or to even call you a liar
simply because
you believe every little thing you say

you come and you go
you call and you don't call
you text and you don't text
and the world still spins
my life goes on
the beat goes on

notice that i say things to you
without emotion
no anger
no distress
because i truly couldn't care less

i chuckle
you fight so hard
for a position
in my life
that you may never hold

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I am a resident
In the state of confusion
Praying that I can save up enough sense
To move to a new address
It bothers me
That I am so bothered
By this
They say ignorance is bliss
But I say
Not knowing keeps me up at night
So I'm wondering
Which epiphany
Will be my sedative
To lead me to sweet dreams of the future

Friday, October 4, 2013

Right In Writing Fighting Social Media

So you know
So you say you know
What do you know
Especially about what I know?
So that you're hell bent
On telling me what I meant
So knowledgeable of my intent
That there's no way
That you could possibly be wrong
You can't call me and talk about it
You can't speak to me about it
But you know what I'm saying

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Glass Hopes

I have no words again
Left speechless
Even though I have been here before
It should come as no surprise
That I am left here
To pick up the pieces
Of shattered hopes
Still fragile from the last disappointment
I guess now I am wondering
Whether it's worth it
To summon the shred
Of inner strength and perseverance
To patiently glue my expectations back together
Or just call it
Say that I'm done
Stop trying to give chances
That are quickly becoming scarce
See I get
All wrapped up in who I think I need to be
All trapped up in keeping this life together
Really just now noticing
I am finding happiness in a place
That gets farther and farther away
And as wonderful as that place is
I get filled with a tangle emotions
Mad that happiness is such a long distance
Guilty that I can't bring happiness closer
Sad that this is how it has to be
I just can't get over it
Because I still have to carry on
Someone has to make everything okay
Even as I sweep the pieces of my hope
And wonder what to do with them

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Is There Anybody Out There?

I am back! It's crazy that I haven't been back here in a while. I have just been so busy and I have rarely felt inspired. Things have been fair to middling, as the old people say. I have written a few things on the Facebook, that I'll post up here in a bit. In the meantime, it's been a long time, I probably shouldn't have left you without a dope rhyme to get to...;-)

Is there 
Anybody out there
Looking for something
Like me?
That something
Something that
Fills up 
That empty space
You never knew you had
Until it starts aching
Like your stomach
6 hours after breakfast.

Is there
Anybody out there
Who can't figure out
Why when you have taken 
All the puzzle pieces
Out of the box
You have a beautiful scene
With one piece missing
Dead in the center?
Where is that missing piece?!

Can anybody hear me?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


What is wrong? you ask me
I can't even perform the action
to voice my dissatisfaction
to you
How did I get here?
to a place where
all I know is pain
on my face there is a strain
from smiling
so that everyone thinks
I am all right,
even now when I am not
I have this perverse theory
that if I make everyone else happy
some of it will rub off on me
I just need.....
Hell if I know
I just feel needy
I think I just need a life
To live
With people
With hobbies
With love
With laughter
I have been existing
For a while now
I just need life

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Womanly (Chinyere's Response)

I am a female
2 breasts
2 ovaries
A cervix
A vagina
A period
And 2 X chromosomes attest to that.

I am a woman
My maturity
My mother
My father
My friends
My home
My life
And my struggles attest to that.

I am a woman
I am a person
I am a human
I am not a doormat
I am not a child

If you want someone to control
Go find a child
That child has come from a woman though
So both women and children
Should be respected
There are no boys without women
There are no men without women.

Oh the hypocrisy
That you sir
Want to take from me
Yet I give to you freely
And would give more if only you ask
Ask humbly
Ask gently
Ask quietly.

Oh the irony
That you john
Want to disrespect me
Yet you brought me here
Yet you left me here
Yet you made me think
That disrespecting and cheapening
My temple is the only way
To survive

Oh the audacity
That you boy
Want to denigrate me
Yet you came from me
Your mother is a woman
Like me
She birthed you and gave you life
Like I will birth and give life
She was once my age
And I will soon be hers
Boy, do you love her?
Do you love your mother?
Would you let any male talk to her
As you talk to me?

Oh the absurdity
That you politician
Want to choose for me
Want to take away my choice
Want me to cede what little control I have
My consent was taken from me
My peace was taken from me
By some random male
Or maybe even someone I know
Now I am with child
All the while
You politician
Want to choose life for this child
When I didn't choose his or her conception
You proclaim the father's rights
What about my rights?
What about my right not to be raped?
What about my right to have closure?
What about my right to have a child without being reminded of their horrible conception?

I am womanly
To be respected
To be understood
To be loved
From my very essence
To my body
So I proclaim this
I assert this
In spite of these
So called men
Who try to
And deny
My womanness.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ask Me Why

ask me why i write
right now i write
to get right
to get to write
is a necessity
mom won't listen
& i am missing
my patience & empathy
since none is given back to me
i am giving
i have given
more than i ever thought possible
now it seems impossible
that i can receive generosity myself
nowhere else
can i be for free
and feel so uncomfortably
as in this place
the place
that i used to call home
where no one talks
so i chalk
another tick mark
on my mental wall
so these keys
this screen
these pixels
are my testament
my testimony
my words
my thoughts
that cannot be invalidated

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dark Chocolate & Dark Women (For Chinyere & Darius)

You know what they say about dark chocolate
Then again, maybe you don't
Dark chocolate is good
Good for your heart
These compounds called flavonoids
Happen to be in this wonderful plant
Called cocoa
In chocolate with 70% cocoa or greater
In dark chocolate
Flavonoids are in enough supply
To improve cardiac and vascular health

You know what they say about dark women
Then again, maybe you  don't
Dark women are supposed to be sweet
The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice
Dark women are supposed to be ugly
"You're so pretty for a dark girl."
Dark women are supposed to be easy
"You know my side chick is kinda dark but my main chick is light."
Dark women are supposed to be less than

You know what I say about dark chocolate
Then again, maybe you won't
Its bitter sweetness works sometimes
But its too bitter for me
Tastes really good with bacon
On the whole though
I don't like it
Milk chocolate is my thing
Although dark chocolate is good for my heart

You know what I say about dark  women
Then again, maybe you won't
I am a dark woman
Don't you dare ever
Entertain the thought
That it's okay to disrespect me
Denigrate me
Like your sister
Like your mother
Like your granny
Like you great great great great granny
Aren't the same shade as me
It's not motherfucking okay
What you do with yourself
Whether to love yourself
Or to hate yourself
Is completely your business
But I expect nothing less
Than your civil kindness
Because your self worth
And my self worth
Are two different things
To never meet or accompany each other
So think about your mother
When you rain your insults
And how you would feel
If you saw some random man
Raining those same insults on her
We dark women
Have birthed
Have bred
Have raised
Have worked
Have starved
Have sacrificed
Have cried
Have given
Have died
For you
For your presence
For your gratitude
For your respect
So don't expect
My assent
And or consent
For you to be hell bent
To blackmail me
Sorry boo
I'm already black
And I'm returning the mail

Monday, March 4, 2013

Self Centered

I could talk about
all the things that don't go my way
all the mean and hurtful things people say
what good would it do?
i am through
living that bitter life
i am through
complaining about my strife
simply because it's all about me
i feel femininely free
to tell them where to go
and exactly how to get there
because every minute wasted
is a blessing boomerang
whipping back to heaven
instead of being used
i am through
with ppl
who barely know me
judging me like i am
a lawyer before the supreme court
please get busy with your life
since you are not welcome in mine
meddling gets you nowhere
it brings you nothing
except the anger and insults
pelted at you
such a verbal hail storm
you chose for yourself
maybe reflecting your inner unhappiness

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Crossed Roads (For Asaba)

I don't even know
Which way is which
And I can't trust you to guide me
Drive me
Wonderfully insane
I wonder if this is normal
We met
Lives intersect
At six corners
The most complicated ever
But I can't avoid you
I can't sigh huff & puff
Throw my hands up in defeat
Curiosity won't let me
So I pray to God
For patience

New Normal

what is that you said?
i need everything turned down
i am turned out
by the violent messages
traveling my nervous systems
the amalgamation
of several acute pangs
strung up pearls
to make beautiful chronic necklace
pain made deep deep
in muscle oysters
maybe i have too much stress
baby, if i could do less
i would
but now
all i got is me
people say
oh, mukisa, we'll help
people stay
so i stay crying
from my lower back
my migraine head
my tension nestled
tucked in between shoulders and neck
all the while
i smile
as the world turns

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why I Love My Hair (For Sorella Onyinye)

Why do I love my hair?
Because it doesn't care
Just like me
It just wants to be free
To just BE
No creamy crack
No water to slick it back
No verbal attacks
Yeah I'm nappy and happy
That's why I love my hair

Why do I love my hair?
Because it's confident and self assured
Nesta listens to no one
Not even me
Nesta knows she's on the right path
To be exactly who she wants
And when she wants to get there
By the way, she apologizes
For not formally introducing herself sooner
That's why I love my hair

Why do I love my hair?
She has taught me patience
She has taught me strength
We Baganda have a saying
The thing that doesn't talk
Cannot beat the thing that talks
So I chalk
All my victories in the battles
Between Nesta & Me
With moisture
And style
All the while
We both look fabulous
That's why I love my hair

Why do I love my hair?
Simply because
Nesta is a part or me
Nesta IS me
And if I don't love me
Who will I love?
Who will love me?
That's why I love my hair

Monday, February 18, 2013

don't make me away

don't make me run away
cuz you may not like where i run to
you may not like what i do

don't make me stay away
cuz once i go i'll be gone
and you'll be singing the same song
about how i am wrong
to anyone who will listen

don't make me hide away
for i might hide in different places
take on different faces
for my peace mind

don't make cry away
all the stress from you
because i might decide
that i have cried enough tears
for a river
whose current would carry you
downstream and away

don't make me grow away
from the dark light you shine
because i can grow
and will grow
then you won't even know 
who i have become

To Be A Poetess (For Chinyere)

You ask me
What it is to be a poet
The fact that
I can come back
To tell you this way
To me
That I am a poet-ess
Nothing less
Than express
And precise
Expounding through verses and rhyme
Been doing this a long time
First tried my hand at 7
After Maya Angelou's biography
Her life said something to me
A shy little overweight only child Black girl
I had something to contribute to the world
Without opening her mouth
I could weigh my words to pick the heaviest
So my words & poetry sounds the best
I would say that I claimed my poet-essness
At 18
I became a woman poet
For a poet could be any gender
Realizing who I am
Reflects what I write
So I think it's only right
That I call me as I completely am
Any more questions, fam?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Romantic Standards

~ As I jam to Kendrick Lamar on Spotify, I think of men. MENS-ES. I think about begin a woman.  I think about standards. My standards. What does it mean for man to approach a woman? What does it mean for a man to approach me?
~ I have had the unprecedented role model of men and manliness in my late father, Sam Kibaya. He loved to dress and was the life of the party. It was effortless for him to draw people in with his kindness, his stories and his genuine love for others. I grew up with an already high standard of love and its manifestation. My parents were nonconformist Ugandans in American married for almost 30 years at my father's home going.
So there's stuff I don't tolerate by default. Cheating, lying, beating. Using. Sugar mamas, daddies and babies.
~ I require a gentleman. Step to me completely single and on your own. All it takes is a simple "Hello, my name is....." I probably have been scoping you as you have been scoping me and I have some info about you before you make your way to me. What you say will either confirm or change what I know.
~ Control is not tolerated. Love isn't control. God doesn't control us so we shouldn't control each other as two adults. I am a grown woman and I will remain one. My father is dead.
~ Intelligence is important. You have to be my friend, my colleague AND my man. If we can't talk about anything except the bedroom boom, you're out. Current events, politics, interests, engage with me mentally before even thinking about physical engagement.
~ Believe in God. I am a Christian first and a Catholic second. I need a man I can go to church with and engage spiritually with. Pray with, read the Bible with, approach God with. I am woman of God and I require a man of God.
~ No judgmental men. We all have dirt. Don't judge me or anyone else. JUDGEMENT IS GOD'S JOB.
~ Compassion is important. Compassion for family, women , for the have nots, everyone.
.......DONE! ;-)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mike Jones (Who?)

Back then they didn't want me
Now I'm hot they all on me
All on me 
Like rice to cheese
Got me begging please
I've been hot
For a real long time
You being late
Ain't a fault of mine
Shoot, it really should be crime
That I was standing here
That whole damn time
I might lock you up for 
For 5 to 10
You go commit a crime
To get locked up again
Because my keys jingle
And I'm single
I like to mingle
Go tell a friend
Today is Valentine's Day
People be caked up with they boos
Me I'm going out to dinner
With a new fit and some shoes
Because I'm my own sweetie 
I do my own thang
So no sharing apartments
Till I get ma wedding rang
I'm an only child I'm selfish
Betta not ask me to share
If I find out you cheatin'
It means that you don't care
So go run with that homewrecker
Betta hope she got some money
And won't play ya ass like checkers
Back then they didn't want me
Now I'm hot they all on me
If you on me then come correct
Don't waste my time with disrespect

When I Grow Up...

Let me preface this by saying I am 24. Yeah, I know that is considered and adult in the eyes of the law, but do you know any full grown 24 year old people? I don't.
So here goes:
1. I wanna be independent. On my own. My own place, my own wheels, my own money. 
2. I wanna work my own. Handle my own businesses (and be successful). Got the first part!  
3. I wanna love a man and marry him. Keeping my name though. Have a few kids too, no more than 3. 
4. I wanna be skinny. Naw, just playing. Smaller though, barely plus size but always thick wit it. 
5. I wanna be a DJ. 
6. I wanna travel the world more.

Ummm, I think that's it for now.

SA House (All Tatenda's Fault)

Let me start by saying TATENDA, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. Wherever you are in the UK, I blame you. You were tweeting all this hype about South African house I had to find some and now I have listened to this 40 minute mix on youtube.
Anyway, South African house has the African-ness, the percussion and the vocals and sometimes other instruments with the dance/house feel and mixing.I am all about fusion. I love it. My life is about fusion. I fuse my Ugandan heritage with my American citizenship and African American culture.
So I appreciate mixes and music that bridges the gap and brings things and people that seem so different together.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hadiya Pendleton

You got me wondering
How many more good ones gotta die
You got me asking
How many more families have to cry
You got me pleading
How many more young people won't grow old
Before we end this?

Because I don't know you
But I know goodness
I know intelligence
I know potential
All of that is shining in your face
Now I can't help but wonder
Sadly about the woman you would have been
The positive impact
You would have left
With the rest of your life

Now all I have
All we have
Is regret and sob stories
I hate the fact
That your precious bright life
Is used now
To paint a dark story
About gun violence here in Chicago
About being in the wrong place at the wrong time

As much as I want to get angry
About the foul stories
About my fair city
About my home
I only have to think of you
And the hot winds of anger
Are blown out of my sails

I am sorry
So sorry
That you couldn't live
I am sorry
Someone foolishly took your life
And I am sorry
That we couldn't keep you
That we couldn't save you

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cruel Sickness

There are times
Where I feel
On top of the world
Like I can do anything
My body can do anything
Almost invicible
There are these times
Times when
Things are just hard
Breathing is hard
Walking is hard
Living is hard
Comfort is hard
All off of a cold
I wonder
Why germs have to be so cruel
Why of all people
Why of all times
In less than 24 hours
I am to turn the tassel
Highlighting my achievements
Instead I am to graduate
With snot in my nose
And fever in my body
The cruelty
And irony
Of sickness
With impending events
Just overwhelms me

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Absentee Friendship

Maybe it's
easier for me
to be silent
to live in the now
to pretend we aren't friends
because what good
would it do me
to reminisce
to wonder where we went
i know that
it was nothing i did
because i know you
would state your offense
what good
would it do me
to ask you
what the hell is this
when days go by
without even a simple hi
it makes me wonder
what kinda friends
you think we are
that this silence is normal
no kinda friends
if you ask me
but you have to talk to me
to ask me
silence is all i have now
peppered with a few words
a text maybe
a reply to my initiation
of conversation
i never expected to continue
maybe a comment here
or there on facebook
so i wonder
what's left
in between
the texts
written words
and silence
most of me
finds that it is so easy
to call it quits
to quit this
whatever this is
it is so much easier sometimes
to just pull the plug
on this comatose friendship
than to sit at its bedside
and watch it struggle
i don't know
where you are at
or who you're with
when you read this
if you read this
know that this
is where i stand
since you cannot even
see me standing here
know these words
are on my heart
even if i can never say them to you


Cold like
The warmth of your hand on my skin
Like the silence between us
Between friends
Like the wind chill
Warming up
Isn't as simple
As slipping under my covers
And rolling around
Putting my dad's wool socks on
Warming up
Isn't as simple as
Talking to you
Texting you
Doing my part of this friendship
But I wish it was

I used to think
That it was me
Sickle cell trait
Only child
Fall baby
I was meant to be cold
Warmth wasn't something
That came naturally to me
It was something I had to learn
To try hard at
As I grow though
It is quite the opposite
I was always warm
Subtly warm
Quietly warm
The world
And those in it
Have taught me coldness
Have brought on the chill
Stealing my warmth
Since it travels from a warm body
To a cold body

So I guess now
My question is
Where are my insulators?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Brand New

Yes I am
Brand new
Like Js out the box
Like a shiny new key
Right in a shiny new lock
I whip my hair back & forth
Riding round out south & up north

Brand new
Like the glasses on my face
Like the smile on my face
Not out of place
Because I'm feeling good
Feeling good, feeling great
Feeling great, feeling good
How are you?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


It hurts
To see you hurting
As much as we banter
I feel no satisfaction
To see you worry
To see you down
As much as I curse
I will always be around
Can your lady friend say the same?
I know you worship at her throne
Like she is the queen of your kingdom
But she doesn't know all of you
The real you
The you that I know
As much I want your happiness
I want it to be pure happiness


Not a sex symbol
Not a weapon of mass seduction
Not right now anyway
A prison
Rolls of fat
Disguised as thickness
Become bars
Trapping me
Weighing me down
Like an anchor
So many places I want to go
I can in my mind
But this
Stays here

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So Thorough

I feel like
I know my worth
I feel like
A man
Would be blessed
To have this woman on his team
By his side
On his arm
I don't feel like
I am being arrogant
I know me
I know I am a woman of God
I am His child
Made in His image
So therefore
If God finds me worthy
A man will find me worthy
Of love, commitment, affection
And attention
Be intrigued by me
Want to get to know me
And show me
Then we could be our best selves together
Whether the weather
Is foul or fair
Truly I don't much care
What he looks like
As long as he treats me right
Because I am
So thorough

Sunday, January 6, 2013


My home is a chameleon
it can warm
and welcoming
but like long high heat
blowing on my skin
it leaves me restless
I bang on the window
thirsty for my own legacy
hungry for my own spot in the world
I am not a daughter
I am Mukisa
I am an adult
not yet fully grown
but yearning for the knock
of opportunity
to grow
growing pains are a bish
even more so when
growing is stunted
by sweet lies
about the freedom of growth

Saturday, January 5, 2013


It was so easy
to run away
pack up all my stuff
for the lawn
where the grass
was so verdant and beautiful

It was so easy
to be fed up
to be completely through
to admit and accept failure
to try and start anew

It was so easy
It WAS so easy
until I came back
into the heart of it
the thick of it
the grit of it

I realized
I can't say when
when business is unfinished
when I love my home
when I can see change on the horizon
like the sun right before dawn

So I put on
my big girl pants
and decide
this is not it
I am not done
and if it takes
my last breath
you could say I tried
they could say I tried
I could say I tried
God could say I tried

To be bigger
to be smaller
to be wiser
to be stronger
to be weaker
to be quiet
to be loud
to be pensive
to be silly
to be my best

Friday, January 4, 2013


As I look around me
places and spaces filled will clutter
laziness creeping in
worries be still
thing will
be dealt with
I have a plan
whether it takes 5 hours
or 5 days
things will be done
order will be restored
just wait
have faith
my body has not failed me
I just need to
take my sweet time.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Of Home

Home is
much more
than a building to me
it is peace
peace of mind
I can lay my head down
rest my crown
no need to ponder
the plethora of problems
outside my door
the urge to be atlas' daughter
and carry the weight of the world
is no longer existent

Home is unity
coming together
as a person
as a family
to eat
to love
to pray
to be
seems like
there aren't
many homes anymore
just houses
with addresses
with people
in and out
living separately

But I will be
the lone hold out
I will be
the home keeper
I will
without a home
without my homes
I would be nowhere
no one
and nothing

so I ask you
where is your home?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thy Will

Is this crazy?
I can see myself
Being a good wife
But I know not my husband
I can see myself
Being a good mother
But my children are strangers
I can see myself
In stewardship to a good home
Possessing a mysterious address
Well Lord
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Peace/I wonder where you are/These days/You only live in my heart/It's hard/Not to vacation in a house of cards/When the outside looks so stable/Am I able/to not mention/the air thickened by tension/when my intuition is an extension/of myself.
Maybe I /should pack up and go/just keep going down the road/ until I find peace

things I learned in 2013

for donté partee & ntozake shange

As I sit here
I am compelled to look back
at facts
gained in 2012
 Idk shit
 the little I know is nuthin
 even some of that little
 got chipped away
 I am nobody
 nobody compared to
 the somebody I thought I was
 I am only somebody with Him
 I am His child
 nothing I do will change that
 I am worthy
 worthy to be made in His image
 worthy of life
 worthy of love
 worthy of a good man
 who accepts & challenges me
 at the same damn
 my life is mine
 my choices are mine
 my breaths are mine
 it is time
 to take care
 to take responsibility
to take MFing action
 change is inevitable
 change can't be stopped
 I must stay on top
 I make changes
 changes Don't make me
 or change me.
welcome 2013
let's do this.