Monday, March 4, 2013

Self Centered

I could talk about
all the things that don't go my way
all the mean and hurtful things people say
what good would it do?
i am through
living that bitter life
i am through
complaining about my strife
simply because it's all about me
i feel femininely free
to tell them where to go
and exactly how to get there
because every minute wasted
is a blessing boomerang
whipping back to heaven
instead of being used
i am through
with ppl
who barely know me
judging me like i am
a lawyer before the supreme court
please get busy with your life
since you are not welcome in mine
meddling gets you nowhere
it brings you nothing
except the anger and insults
pelted at you
such a verbal hail storm
you chose for yourself
maybe reflecting your inner unhappiness

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