Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Cold like
The warmth of your hand on my skin
Like the silence between us
Between friends
Like the wind chill
Warming up
Isn't as simple
As slipping under my covers
And rolling around
Putting my dad's wool socks on
Warming up
Isn't as simple as
Talking to you
Texting you
Doing my part of this friendship
But I wish it was

I used to think
That it was me
Sickle cell trait
Only child
Fall baby
I was meant to be cold
Warmth wasn't something
That came naturally to me
It was something I had to learn
To try hard at
As I grow though
It is quite the opposite
I was always warm
Subtly warm
Quietly warm
The world
And those in it
Have taught me coldness
Have brought on the chill
Stealing my warmth
Since it travels from a warm body
To a cold body

So I guess now
My question is
Where are my insulators?

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