Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holidaze (copied from Facebook)

December 25, 2013 at 3:47am

Hey all! Yes, I'm up at 3 am Christmas morn, listening to a Pandora Christmas station while taking a break from homework with a hot toddy and Facebook. #NightShiftProbs

Things have been turning around in my mind this month, and I figured I'd give my mind a break and put them down here.
  • Jesus isn't white and NEITHER IS SANTA CLAUS. Megyn Kelly, take your White privilege and SIT ON IT. Ayyyy! *Fonzie voice from Happy Days* Jesus was a Semite, a JEWISH Semite from modern day Israel/Palestine. Everyone there is brown! Jesus was brown until Renaissance artists made Jesus look like them (like them = more White) and then missionaries and colonialists and slave owners and bigots took it further to use images of Jesus for propaganda to further their nefarious plans. If Renaissance artists made Jesus more White, couldn't everyone else make Jesus more racial and/or ethnic? Sure Megyn Kelly and Faux News, I'LL WAIT. Jesus is all about love and inclusion, so to portray Jesus a certain way for exclusive purposes is so disgusting nonsensical and ironic I can only shake my head. That’s why society hates Christians NOW. PS: Same goes for Santa Claus. Santa Claus gives gifts to all the kids. White kids, Black Kids, Latino Kids, Asian kids, ethnic kids, and non-ethnic kids, ALL GOOD KIDS, regardless of race. Megyn Kelly, have you REALLY seen Santa Claus? Are you sure you should be in a news room instead of a padded one at a mental institution?
  • Holidays for EVERYONE! I admit that I went in and totally trashed and annihilated the practice, celebration and premise of Kwanzaa a few years back. I humbly apologize and submit a request for a retraction. I realize now in retrospect that I was just plain annoyed at people who celebrate Kwanzaa without being informed and educated about its origins and its founder. These same goofies in kufis keep asking me, “Do you/your people/people in Africa (pick one) celebrate Kwanzaa?” NO. KWANZAA was designed for unity among AFRICAN AMERICANS using some themes from African cultures.
  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS, SARAH PALIN! I know you hate when people greet you that way, but excuse us for not giving a crap about what seasonal holiday you celebrate. I myself am too busy trying to avoid ANY mention of your name, your actions and what appears to be your intrinsic stupidity. I say Happy Holidays and/or Season’s Greetings to be inclusive and respect all beliefs and their holidays, which includes Hanukkah, Ramadan, Eid, Kwanzaa and December 25th (for the atheists). I don’t know if every person I meet celebrates Christmas. IN FACT, I know quite a few people who DON’T celebrate Christmas. I try to be inclusive and respectful, unlike you, who seems to not have an iota or empathy selflessness for those completely different? I mean what would Jesus do? What would Baby Jesus do?
That’s all I have to say! Happy Holidays, which includes a Merry Christmas! *shuffles off to eat Winter Edition Oreos*

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