Saturday, January 5, 2013


It was so easy
to run away
pack up all my stuff
for the lawn
where the grass
was so verdant and beautiful

It was so easy
to be fed up
to be completely through
to admit and accept failure
to try and start anew

It was so easy
It WAS so easy
until I came back
into the heart of it
the thick of it
the grit of it

I realized
I can't say when
when business is unfinished
when I love my home
when I can see change on the horizon
like the sun right before dawn

So I put on
my big girl pants
and decide
this is not it
I am not done
and if it takes
my last breath
you could say I tried
they could say I tried
I could say I tried
God could say I tried

To be bigger
to be smaller
to be wiser
to be stronger
to be weaker
to be quiet
to be loud
to be pensive
to be silly
to be my best

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