Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gray Promise

My mind can't make sense of this
So I gotta write what's on my heart
Call my world a snow globe
Because you took it in your hands and shook
Who knew how far a smile, a voice, some words could go?
I don't whether I could hug you or shake you
Can't choose between yelling and staying angrily silent
Out of distrust of my words
I'm the kinda girl
Who always dreamed of love
But hated how it felt
Awkward to the core
Just like me
I'm on an emotional overload
Feeling are waves on the shore
As I stand on the beach
Hoping a riptide won't pull me under
And never let me go
Somehow I must learn to trust you
To trust me
But I make it hard
I tend to be guard-ed
Because the sensitive don't live
And the vulnerable always die
But I
Have to be stronger than my emotions
And smarter than my fears
Whether a beautiful promise
Or a gilded nightmare
Either way I have lived

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bare (4/30b)

It’s hard for me
To pretend
I have no poker face
To see me
Is to know my thoughts
My feelings
From the masks that we all wear
I have no patience for facade
Blame the only child life
It’s not right
TO waste time pretend
Or to conform
The norm is passé
I’m blasé to what path I’m not follow
The only thing that I have to prove
To the world
Is that I’m special
Whether crazy special or unique special
Is irrelevant
I have suffered many blows
In multicultural society
For my nonconformity
Maturing to the point
Where I appear
Expecting a fight
It’s all right
That my name is different
That I bring paperbacks to Ugandan functions
That I consider myself a womanist
A Pan African
A thinker
A creator
A poetess
That I create my own limits
I am who I am
And that’s all I have time to be

Sistah, You're Beautiful (4/30a)

I only say this to you
Because I am feeling radical
Although I should not be
I never realized
That being yourself was radical
I never understood
How love has become radicalized
But some things just are
Just are and incapable of being understood
I should
Be working to dismantle a system
But it is much more effective
To dismantle mental barriers
Our own thoughts rule us
Better than The Man ever could
So I build you up
Even when Mister, Miss and Brothaman
Tear you down
Long hair
Short hair
Wavy, curly kinky hair
Brazilian stitch
African braid
Every color
Every shade
Straight road or rainbow
You are beautiful
It is your right
It is your inheritance
It is yours