Tuesday, January 1, 2013

things I learned in 2013

for donté partee & ntozake shange

As I sit here
I am compelled to look back
at facts
gained in 2012
 Idk shit
 the little I know is nuthin
 even some of that little
 got chipped away
 I am nobody
 nobody compared to
 the somebody I thought I was
 I am only somebody with Him
 I am His child
 nothing I do will change that
 I am worthy
 worthy to be made in His image
 worthy of life
 worthy of love
 worthy of a good man
 who accepts & challenges me
 at the same damn
 my life is mine
 my choices are mine
 my breaths are mine
 it is time
 to take care
 to take responsibility
to take MFing action
 change is inevitable
 change can't be stopped
 I must stay on top
 I make changes
 changes Don't make me
 or change me.
welcome 2013
let's do this.

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