Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It’s crazy to me
How your words are my concrete
A foundation on which I can build my story
Yet my words
Became useless when I got the news
You leaving this world
Knocked my world off its axis
Reduced to sitting silently in disbelief
While time passed indifferently around me
Warning of my potential lateness to work

Although I vehemently assert
That you are the reason I write poetry
Your prose drew me
Excerpts in school textbooks
Pointed me to the library
To check out every book I could find
That told of your life
My girlish eyes grew bright
From documentation of life
Of love
Of empowerment
You taught me that everyone had a story
And everyone’s stories are important
My story is important
Who better to write it but me?

I wore all black to work today
Like my own mother, grandmother or aunt
I never thought you’d leave
We always think our parents and elders are immortal
Your words may ease the pain
Your immortal legacy remains
I never met you
But your words and ideas knew me
They spoke to me
Spoke of what I am and could become
Only one
Regret that I have
Is this might be poetic injustice
I am thankful for your life
I am thankful for your love
I am thankful for your words
I am thankful for your wisdom

Mostly I am thankful for you