Wednesday, April 8, 2015

No (Social) Life

Blind ambition
I don’t see obstacles
Staying up to 2 am for a paper is fine
Still rising in time
For work at 10 am
I can say that I gave my all
You don’t have to call
And ask about my life
Or my lack thereof
Living only for tomorrow
Is for those who can only afford
To see beyond the end of their nose
I have been blessed and privileged
To be of old money
To have a future to invest in
Testing, testing… 1,2,3.
Can y’all hear me
Clear me
Of the debt
Of your stereotypical womanly expectations
I don’t need to be dating at a certain age
I’m quite fine turning the page
At the guestbook
Of someone else’s wedding reception
Since I have plenty of fine dresses to wear
In order to be the best we
I gotta be the best me
Sorry, Auntie
I have to run and do homework
Nice talking to you

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