Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Glass Hopes

I have no words again
Left speechless
Even though I have been here before
It should come as no surprise
That I am left here
To pick up the pieces
Of shattered hopes
Still fragile from the last disappointment
I guess now I am wondering
Whether it's worth it
To summon the shred
Of inner strength and perseverance
To patiently glue my expectations back together
Or just call it
Say that I'm done
Stop trying to give chances
That are quickly becoming scarce
See I get
All wrapped up in who I think I need to be
All trapped up in keeping this life together
Really just now noticing
I am finding happiness in a place
That gets farther and farther away
And as wonderful as that place is
I get filled with a tangle emotions
Mad that happiness is such a long distance
Guilty that I can't bring happiness closer
Sad that this is how it has to be
I just can't get over it
Because I still have to carry on
Someone has to make everything okay
Even as I sweep the pieces of my hope
And wonder what to do with them