Thursday, December 27, 2012

Positive Affirmations 2013

In 2013, I WILL
laugh more
love more
eat less
weigh less
exercise less
have a man and exclusive relationship
adventure more
go out more
meet friends more
think more
write more
publish more
work more
earn more
grind more
give more
feel more
be more
+nUGeneration Chicagoland

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

What is Christmas to you?
To me
It's a new pair of Reeboks
and a green Nike drawstring bag
that I bought
for my mom to wrap
For me to unwrap

Christmas is Calvin Harris
& Dizzee Rascal
And headphones
In an empty house
It's waiting for my friend
To get here

Christmas is
Pumpkin spice
Drank up

Christmas is

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidaze

May your days always be merry
And your eyes always be bright
May your mornings always be good
May the goodness always spread into the night

May your loved ones surround you
May their love be a cocoon
May you never be so busy
That you can't look out to the moon

May your drinks always be tasty
May your cup always be full
May your plate never stay empty
May you never feel cruel

May your regular life be suspended
To be picked up another day
So I fervently wish you
Happy Holidaze!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


+jenkins ssekindi
I could fill my head
With so many dark thoughts
I fill my mouth
With so many curses
And what would it solve?
I can't change you
You can't change
We just have to pray
Pray for patience
Peace and calm
To still angry hearts
To smooth wrinkled brows
To heal broken hearts
Pray for forgiveness
For renewal
All things are possible through Him
All things are renewed through Him
So I officially write this verse
Of my sincerest apologies
Hoping that you will follow me
Back to the friend zone
I have yet to see you mad
Is it even possible?
It seems that
Between us
It is more my thing
Like the color blue
And being on time
However I don't want to go there
Into the place
Where God forbid
Both of us get angry
But I wish you all God has for you
Even when you vex me
Even when I can't stand to be next to you
Because you are my friend
And that's what I do for friends
I hate them
I love them
I claim them

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear John

Who are you
Please let me know
Because obviously
On this concept
I'm a little slow
I don't even know
Whether you're coming or going
But there is
One thing that I am knowing
I don't how
I ever thought
I could stand on your words
Because the webs you spin
Aren't even strong
'Cause Charlotte fell through
So I tell you
Miss me with all that
You don't even need to call me back
For it is now a fact
That I am officially
Sick of your shit
So quick
To move on from
On cuts to the epidermis
That your promises inflict
Your words depict
A nonsensical situation
With liberal splashes
Of untruthiness
And shamelessness
Just know I thought
I thought I could
Turn the other cheek
But you hit that too
As well as the others
So thanks for the memories
Even though they've now gone sour
Every hour I stew
I wonder
Why I'm still fucking with you
Until I say no more
As I leave 2012 behind
I leave you behind
Because I don't
Even know what we're trying at
So sore
Icy Hot can't even help me
So consider this
My pissed
Farewell letter
Cut my losses and run
No longer fun
Keep the money
Because I'll make it rain
Dolla dolla bills y'all
Both on Heaven and earth
I know my worth
And it's higher
Than any bullshit
That you decide I deserve
So I
Harder than Big Sean
Because dawn is coming
And I wanna watch the sun rise
With dry eyes
No longer wet from the night before
So never mind me
Forget me
And any guilt
That you wanna carry
From how this shit went down
I didn't put it on your back
This is me mad
Angry Black woman
So I'll leave the Angry here
Just to be clear
And I pray
That Karma has mercy on your ass
Because her bitch rep precedes her
When you meet her
I hope she treats you better
Than you treated me
Signing off
The Queen
Royally pissed

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tell Me

Tell me
What can love do
What can't love you
When I decide to
Love you
In the only way
I can
I mean that
Real love
So good it hurts love
Can't sleep love
See our future love
Forsake all other love
Share everything love
Wash your dirty draws love
Call me late and talk love
That silent love
We don't even need no words

Mon homme knows I got it
Even though I don't have to give it
Not until we have rings
And all those things
Come together
But I'm not stressed
I'm not stressed
God took His time
Insh'Allah I will too

Tell me
What can love do
What can't love you
When I decide to
Love you
In the only way
I can

I mean that
Real love

That wife love
That mother of your children love
That married love
That commitment love
That Godly love
That African love
That traditional love

Shameless Self Plug

I interrupt your usual poetry and verses to inform that the poetess of this blog, Mukisa N. A. Kibaya aka Mukisa Namakula AK, has published a book, From Me To You. Now you can carry her supernova flow wherever you go! Check  this HONEST HEAT. We now return you to the usual poetry and verses.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I Cannot Just


-For those whose eyes rest on the Congo. Special thank you to my muse @JJ_Bola.

I cannot just

Close my eyes

To the sight in front of me

I cannot just

Sail past the begging man

Asking for some spare change

I cannot just

Pretend that things are changing

Wars are still secret

Neighborhoods are changing

Changing like five ones

For a five dollar bill


I notice

The white people from cross town

Are now the white people down the way

Will be the white people down the street

Eventually the white people down the block

While all the melanin leaves the neighborhood

Bit by bit

I cannot just-ify

The guilt I feel

When I hear my country

Being called to task

For murders of innocent lives

And for what I say

When does power

When does control

Mean more than a life

Mean more than lives

I cannot just

Forget what I know

Praying to God for a better day

For mercy on Judgment day

For those who care not

Who thought

Bloodshed in the darkness didn’t count

I cannot just

Hide from where I am from

Because those who lead that beautiful place

Think only of themselves


Despite who leads it

Despite who mistreats it

My ancestors’ bones will always rest there

I cannot just

Pick up a gun

And be an avenger

To defend the defenseless

As much as I want to

All I can do is pray

All I can do is write

All I can do is speak

For those souls

Who have no reason

To just die in vain

All I can do is say


Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Eh eh emmm
Let me clear my throat
My words are the things
I use the most
My name is Mukisa
Music at its best
Wouldn't have it any other way
My age is dub four
But I don't ride on tres
I don't believe in rims
But I believe in wheels
Rolling on to somewhere
Where thangs get really real
I'm so CHI
Born and bred
But I also rep UG
For the ancestors who are dead

Then there's Namakula
From the Lugave clan
Armadillo is my totem
From my dad, the man
The man in my life
May he Rest In Peace
He's the real reason
I'm not on the pole
Or out in the streets
Namakula means precious
So that's the way I walk
If you have nothing to say
Why bother to talk?

Agatha makes three
That's my daddy's mama
I live life calmly
Don't know much 'bout drama
I also like mysteries
So Agatha goes with Christie
But I always come and go
I don't know if you missed me
But here I am now
So let's sit a while
Talk about each other
Find a reason
A reason to smile

Last but not least
The family name of Kibaya
If I was italiana
It would be Cibaya
Meaning generous
I give
My words
My thoughts
My truth
Because as a youth
I knew how to keep
Keep quiet
Keep silent
Keep hidden
But not anymore
So much better
Than before

Nice to meet you.


Welcome reader, to my blog, Giustizia Poetica!

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