Friday, February 15, 2013

Romantic Standards

~ As I jam to Kendrick Lamar on Spotify, I think of men. MENS-ES. I think about begin a woman.  I think about standards. My standards. What does it mean for man to approach a woman? What does it mean for a man to approach me?
~ I have had the unprecedented role model of men and manliness in my late father, Sam Kibaya. He loved to dress and was the life of the party. It was effortless for him to draw people in with his kindness, his stories and his genuine love for others. I grew up with an already high standard of love and its manifestation. My parents were nonconformist Ugandans in American married for almost 30 years at my father's home going.
So there's stuff I don't tolerate by default. Cheating, lying, beating. Using. Sugar mamas, daddies and babies.
~ I require a gentleman. Step to me completely single and on your own. All it takes is a simple "Hello, my name is....." I probably have been scoping you as you have been scoping me and I have some info about you before you make your way to me. What you say will either confirm or change what I know.
~ Control is not tolerated. Love isn't control. God doesn't control us so we shouldn't control each other as two adults. I am a grown woman and I will remain one. My father is dead.
~ Intelligence is important. You have to be my friend, my colleague AND my man. If we can't talk about anything except the bedroom boom, you're out. Current events, politics, interests, engage with me mentally before even thinking about physical engagement.
~ Believe in God. I am a Christian first and a Catholic second. I need a man I can go to church with and engage spiritually with. Pray with, read the Bible with, approach God with. I am woman of God and I require a man of God.
~ No judgmental men. We all have dirt. Don't judge me or anyone else. JUDGEMENT IS GOD'S JOB.
~ Compassion is important. Compassion for family, women , for the have nots, everyone.
.......DONE! ;-)

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