Sunday, November 24, 2013

non factor

it's funny how
what you say
doesn't bother me
i don't care
lie lie lie
truth truth truth

it's amusing how
amusing you are to me
on a certain level
i can't even take you seriously
you don't even understand
how little you matter

it's not even worth it
to get angry
to get upset
or to even call you a liar
simply because
you believe every little thing you say

you come and you go
you call and you don't call
you text and you don't text
and the world still spins
my life goes on
the beat goes on

notice that i say things to you
without emotion
no anger
no distress
because i truly couldn't care less

i chuckle
you fight so hard
for a position
in my life
that you may never hold

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