Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dark Chocolate & Dark Women (For Chinyere & Darius)

You know what they say about dark chocolate
Then again, maybe you don't
Dark chocolate is good
Good for your heart
These compounds called flavonoids
Happen to be in this wonderful plant
Called cocoa
In chocolate with 70% cocoa or greater
In dark chocolate
Flavonoids are in enough supply
To improve cardiac and vascular health

You know what they say about dark women
Then again, maybe you  don't
Dark women are supposed to be sweet
The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice
Dark women are supposed to be ugly
"You're so pretty for a dark girl."
Dark women are supposed to be easy
"You know my side chick is kinda dark but my main chick is light."
Dark women are supposed to be less than

You know what I say about dark chocolate
Then again, maybe you won't
Its bitter sweetness works sometimes
But its too bitter for me
Tastes really good with bacon
On the whole though
I don't like it
Milk chocolate is my thing
Although dark chocolate is good for my heart

You know what I say about dark  women
Then again, maybe you won't
I am a dark woman
Don't you dare ever
Entertain the thought
That it's okay to disrespect me
Denigrate me
Like your sister
Like your mother
Like your granny
Like you great great great great granny
Aren't the same shade as me
It's not motherfucking okay
What you do with yourself
Whether to love yourself
Or to hate yourself
Is completely your business
But I expect nothing less
Than your civil kindness
Because your self worth
And my self worth
Are two different things
To never meet or accompany each other
So think about your mother
When you rain your insults
And how you would feel
If you saw some random man
Raining those same insults on her
We dark women
Have birthed
Have bred
Have raised
Have worked
Have starved
Have sacrificed
Have cried
Have given
Have died
For you
For your presence
For your gratitude
For your respect
So don't expect
My assent
And or consent
For you to be hell bent
To blackmail me
Sorry boo
I'm already black
And I'm returning the mail

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