Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Uptown Bliss (#23)

I must admit
Right about now I really hate
The creators of this challenge
Showing the bones, I know
But there's no other place to go
But reality
And the reality is this
Politics is a part of life
Laws and the people who make
Affect everyday decisions
And in some ways, decide the haves and have nots
By what is bought and where it can be bought
By zoning, both residential and commercial
So when I look at a prompt like "Uptown Bliss"
How can I be apolitical about it?
To me it reeks of politics
Both generally and specifically
Generally, people in Uptown are blissful
They have the money
Their kids go to good schools that are better funded
They have grocery stores nearby that are full of healthy food options
They have municipal services that come sooner or on time
But specifically I think of the neighborhood of Uptown, in my city
That has a lot of immigrants and poor and lower middle class people
That has a bad reputation on the North Side of Chicago
So excuse my politics
Maybe it's because I missed the bliss of living in Uptown
Le shrug.

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