Friday, April 1, 2016

Song of My Heart (#1)

I must have been a fool
To think that I wasn’t appreciated
To think I would go unnoticed
So used to hiding behind shadows
Barely seen
Almost like a dream
To get praises and attention
Information overload

I must have been a fool
To think that I have to do it alone
A hard head makes a soft ass
And my whuppin time and time again
Is the burn out from not delegating
Even when someone asks
Control curdling into distrust
Spoilt milk of no use to me

I must have been a fool
To keep calling myself foolish
This life is a journey
I gotta keep trying
Keep growing
Keep getting better
Keep being
I know the error of my ways
I will try not to repeat  my mistakes
I will do what it takes
Honestly and earnestly
And even if I fail
Not to try

Is to truly be a fool.

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