Monday, April 4, 2016

Adulting (#4)

All alone
Spending 45 minutes on the phone
Debating and discussing health insurance charges
While your retired mother comes downstairs
In her pajamas and hisses, "Are you still on the phone?"

Every year you have to wake up early on a Saturday
And go meet the tax man
It'll be hard to give this one up, because you like him
Witty banter is exchanged as well as financial information
The bill at the end is a shot of vodka
I grimace at the amount
But I know the IRS won't take my shirt

Gas prices used never to bother me
But when commutes got longer
And time got shorter
I got GasBuddy
An app that helped me find cheap gas
Because saving 10 cents on 10 gallons
Well, that's a dollar
And that dollar could buy me something
Maybe a snack
I just have to make time
To fill up twice a week

You can do whatever you want
When you grow up
They tell the children
As they give them rules
You can do whatever you don't want
When you grow up
Is the truth
The truth you don't want

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