Friday, May 6, 2016

What It's Like To Be Me

What is it like to be me?
I don't really expect to see many girls like me on the TV
But it's a good thing I don't watch
Bombarded by messages about who I should be and what I should have
It's a good thing I like who I am and what I've got
I have gotten used to being ignored and silence when talking about issues
But it's a good thing I'm stubborn and loud
Groupthink gets people into sticky situations
So it's okay I don't follow the crowd
I work hard and pray harder
There's so much to be done
Sometimes I struggle to take a breath
And oftentimes I wonder
How I keep from from going under
What part of me is left?
What is it like to be me?
Yet grateful
Running from pillar to post
Some days I'm victorious
And others I could just cry
But if anything
I have learned
Both a triumph
And a trial
Start with a try.