Sunday, April 3, 2016

26 (#3)

Raisins and peanuts
Wrapped in a a skinny purple bag
After 8 long hours toiling in a windowless box
Some call it a pharmacy
Sometimes I call it prison
And on those nights I shuffle to the break room
To get myself free
As hunger erupts from my stomach
Lunch break was at 7:30 pm
A long ways from 11
Heaven shines upon the vending machine
The ethereal glow of the inside light
I try my best to be healthy
The vices of snacking call loudly this hour
The bag of peanuts is strictly protein
But I need a sweet rush
So the trail mix beckons
Change goes in
Bag comes out
I rip it
And take it to the head
I chug it like a shot
Hunger > manners
26 miles cannot be driven while hungry
It's a long way to the money
And an even longer way home.

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