Wednesday, February 17, 2016

If You Are Reading This

If you are reading this,
This is because I'm tired of waiting
Waiting for the right moment to say this to you
But instead I am kept
Teetering on the precipice of expectation
See sawing between the heights of exhilaration and the abyss of disappointment
See your occasional text, call or voicemail was the ointment
That soothed my irritated nerves

But like a steroid taken too long
I have rebound pain
I refuse to let you fill my empty spaces with longing
I reject the idea of the idea of you shattering the quiet peace that was my solace
So I ask you
What is it?
What is it that cancels out your amorous feelings for me?
What is it that demands your silence since your physical distance is normal?
What it is though?
Because what this is is unacceptable
Non sustainable
I'm tired of the same shit every day
So I'm off the toilet and out the bathroom
Let the waste water department deal with this
Because love does not cover
Repeated negligence.

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