Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I don’t talk about this much
Simply because
People don’t understand
And they judge out of their blissful ignorance
You have never been overweight
A day in your life
Yet you try to chide for taking the “easy way” out
Are you sure?
I think it’s much easier to be a smaller size
And to never be discriminated or bullied
Because of numbers on a scale
To have better choices for fashion
To be able to ride all the rollercoasters
To be comfortable with the lap belts in an airplane
But my opinion doesn’t count because I’m fat, right?
Even if I was to wear “fat” as a badge of pride,
It would irk you that I am starting to discard it
Working hard to shed your label
And break your box
Because I’m clever like a fox
I know that your mouth of knives
Is powered by a furnace of insecurity
All you have left to build yourself up
Is to try and tear me down
So go head
Talk about my looks
If it helps you sleep at night
Because my looks can and will change
But…what about you?

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