Saturday, April 11, 2015

Club Love

I’m not here to drink
So don’t think
You can pick up my tab
Just so I can follow you home
Know that
Just like I didn’t come here
To meet you
To greet you
Or become your little plaything
Your sex toy
Get back boy
Cuz the only thing getting played is the music
The record scratches
As my hips turn
Real girls get on the floor
Watch and learn
Just me and the music
I don’t need to clap back
Singing along to the music
Cuz I got it like that
I know the DJ
Might be in his clique
Now I am wondering
Will my blue dress fit
I might wear it
But I’m nothing like a devil
Just give me the snare, the high hat
Lyrics, base & treble
Let it cover my heart beat
Too sweet
This club love

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