Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ulcers (4/13)

What is it?
Because calmness doesn’t stay here long
I am fond of
Just calling it quits
Because despite my best interest
My best efforts
And my best intentions
Dysfunction still reigns
And we are his loyal subjects

What is it?
Why are you calling my name?
Is there something wrong?
What is wrong?
Because I have never been summoned for something right
It makes me endeavor to change my name
To stay out of sight
To be inconspicuous is always the goal
I can keep my head down and be busy

What is it?
An announcement?
I hope it is nothing bad
Another tactic to enslave e me
To the needs of this company
Giving time I can’t afford
That is WAY more precious than time and a half
Oh, whew.
Change in procedure.
Never mind.

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