Sunday, April 19, 2015


Forget it
I’m not human
But I’m super
Twist hair at the speed of a flying bullet
I gets it done
The only
I take care of business
Even that you didn’t know of
I got that work
I keep you in amazement and awe
How did she do that?
I make the difficult look easy
And the impossible possible
I am more than mere flesh and bones
I am an idea
Something like a dream
Elegant like a queen
Shiny like the real thing
I glitter because I am gold
14 carats straight from the heart
My strength is not measured
In pounds or kilos
I am my own force of nature
I don’t chase storms
Storms chase me
To capture my perseverance in action
In being stronger than the average bear
Yogi knows
I am emotional steel
A unique alloy

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