Monday, December 17, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Eh eh emmm
Let me clear my throat
My words are the things
I use the most
My name is Mukisa
Music at its best
Wouldn't have it any other way
My age is dub four
But I don't ride on tres
I don't believe in rims
But I believe in wheels
Rolling on to somewhere
Where thangs get really real
I'm so CHI
Born and bred
But I also rep UG
For the ancestors who are dead

Then there's Namakula
From the Lugave clan
Armadillo is my totem
From my dad, the man
The man in my life
May he Rest In Peace
He's the real reason
I'm not on the pole
Or out in the streets
Namakula means precious
So that's the way I walk
If you have nothing to say
Why bother to talk?

Agatha makes three
That's my daddy's mama
I live life calmly
Don't know much 'bout drama
I also like mysteries
So Agatha goes with Christie
But I always come and go
I don't know if you missed me
But here I am now
So let's sit a while
Talk about each other
Find a reason
A reason to smile

Last but not least
The family name of Kibaya
If I was italiana
It would be Cibaya
Meaning generous
I give
My words
My thoughts
My truth
Because as a youth
I knew how to keep
Keep quiet
Keep silent
Keep hidden
But not anymore
So much better
Than before

Nice to meet you.

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