Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear John

Who are you
Please let me know
Because obviously
On this concept
I'm a little slow
I don't even know
Whether you're coming or going
But there is
One thing that I am knowing
I don't how
I ever thought
I could stand on your words
Because the webs you spin
Aren't even strong
'Cause Charlotte fell through
So I tell you
Miss me with all that
You don't even need to call me back
For it is now a fact
That I am officially
Sick of your shit
So quick
To move on from
On cuts to the epidermis
That your promises inflict
Your words depict
A nonsensical situation
With liberal splashes
Of untruthiness
And shamelessness
Just know I thought
I thought I could
Turn the other cheek
But you hit that too
As well as the others
So thanks for the memories
Even though they've now gone sour
Every hour I stew
I wonder
Why I'm still fucking with you
Until I say no more
As I leave 2012 behind
I leave you behind
Because I don't
Even know what we're trying at
So sore
Icy Hot can't even help me
So consider this
My pissed
Farewell letter
Cut my losses and run
No longer fun
Keep the money
Because I'll make it rain
Dolla dolla bills y'all
Both on Heaven and earth
I know my worth
And it's higher
Than any bullshit
That you decide I deserve
So I
Harder than Big Sean
Because dawn is coming
And I wanna watch the sun rise
With dry eyes
No longer wet from the night before
So never mind me
Forget me
And any guilt
That you wanna carry
From how this shit went down
I didn't put it on your back
This is me mad
Angry Black woman
So I'll leave the Angry here
Just to be clear
And I pray
That Karma has mercy on your ass
Because her bitch rep precedes her
When you meet her
I hope she treats you better
Than you treated me
Signing off
The Queen
Royally pissed

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