Saturday, December 22, 2012


+jenkins ssekindi
I could fill my head
With so many dark thoughts
I fill my mouth
With so many curses
And what would it solve?
I can't change you
You can't change
We just have to pray
Pray for patience
Peace and calm
To still angry hearts
To smooth wrinkled brows
To heal broken hearts
Pray for forgiveness
For renewal
All things are possible through Him
All things are renewed through Him
So I officially write this verse
Of my sincerest apologies
Hoping that you will follow me
Back to the friend zone
I have yet to see you mad
Is it even possible?
It seems that
Between us
It is more my thing
Like the color blue
And being on time
However I don't want to go there
Into the place
Where God forbid
Both of us get angry
But I wish you all God has for you
Even when you vex me
Even when I can't stand to be next to you
Because you are my friend
And that's what I do for friends
I hate them
I love them
I claim them

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