Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Working Stiff (originally written 11/5/14)

I am so tired of being tired
Wishing to wake up in beams of light
That convert to energy so I might
Rise glorious and victorious
Knowing that I can make a change in my life
Now I'm growing accustomed to struggle and strife
Having to always prioritize
Which obligation is more important
Because I can't
Do it all
Gridlocked with my frustration
Bumpers much closer than rush hour traffic on 294
Thinking that I want much more
Than giving 2 hours of my life daily
For a 50 mile commute
To work for a hourly wage
The quiet rage
Burns inside me, knowing that
It'll take so many years for $1 raise
But just in case
The powers are on my case
I document here my chase
Of the almighty digital dollar
If I had the personal energy to holler
At my personal state of affairs
I would
But for now
I wait to catch my last breath
To exit

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